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Your streaming television service, newspaper subscription, gym membership, wine or book of the month club. All examples of an agreement; where you pay a fee on a regular basis to access the products or services provided… that is your subscription.

Although it is a model that has been more predominant in the online world, it is becoming more popular and can be applied in various scenarios or use cases where you want to provide your customers with an easy way to pay for and access your product or service offering.

For customers, it provides convenience and saves time by eliminating the need to remember to make payments manually. Businesses benefit from improved cash flow, reduced administrative work, and increased customer loyalty and retention.

One of the key characteristic is that ongoing access to the product or service is provided as long as the subscription is active and the fees are paid.

Subscription management is the process of managing your customer, their agreements, recurring billing and invoices.

And that is where My Subscriptions comes in, we provide you with a platform that give you automation, features and functions for seamless subscription management. So you can focus on providing your products and services…

based on usage

There are no complicated pricing models; you have access to all features as well as all included and optional plugins. Once you have signed up, there is a monthly fee of R 9,99 and then you only pay a percentage and a transaction charge based on your customer subscriptions.

* The pricing excludes any costs or charges by the payment processing provider. You will only be charged a monthly fee of R 9,99 once you activated a payment processor.
* The per transaction fee and percentage is automatically adjusted based on volume or value.
* Country specific pricing and billing limits might apply dependent on region and payment processor limits.

What we provide

  • Quickly enable subscription offers

  • Increase lifetime value & customer engagement

  • Measure performance & optimize your business

  • Secure PCI DSS compliant payment providers



Thank you for making it easy to bill and invoice our customers.


Store Owner

We were able to easily add a subscription section to our online store, and now we have a wine of the month club.
Thank you for helping to grow our business by 15%.


Business Owner

Using My Subscriptions allowed me to automate the signup and monthly billings for my garden service business.
I can focus on our business without worrying about payments and invoicing. Thank you!

Billing models that match
your needs

Whether it’s in education, hospitality, maintenance, or home services; customers are increasingly searching for new ways to access your services. But this also necessitate different ways of billing them…

My Subscriptions provides you with different billing models allowing you to concentrate on services and customer relationships while the various features provide you with means to acquire and retain customers.


My Subscriptions

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